Our first Portuguese Festa

Now that the dust has settled on the Portuguese Festa, we'd like to say, "If you missed it, you missed out!"


Starting with a beautiful Mass at 12 o' clock celebrated by Father Michael and Father Gilberto, the little group from Potchefstroom played and sang to a full church, brimming even to the veranda outside.


By the time Mass was finished, there were crowds in queues waiting to buy meals. The predicted expected number of 500, turned out to be 1000.


Special thanks to the following parishioners:

  • Fatima and Ricardo for the idea of the festival and for hosting the meetings at their house.
  • Mr Tony Rodriques for setting up the stage, beautifully lined with silver fabric and to Steven and Inez for their hard work.
  • To all the parishioners who donated cakes, they were delicious. A big thank you to Sandra and helpers.
  • To Augustine who set up the six and a half metre bar and to Johnny Soares who ran the bar. A great job indeed!
  • To all who worked at the food stalls, to Augustine, Johnny, Nelson, tino and all who looked ater the braaiing of the rump on bay skewers.
  • To Janine and her husband who prepared over 400 prego rolls, to Sandra and her husband who donated the best breadrolls.
  • To Sittig Nursery for their generous donation of plants and to Sharon and Barbara who ran the stall.
  • To Tony and Gorete for the wonderful green salad donated.
  • To Tony and Ollie for fetching and returning tables and chairs, and to Ollie who arranged the rubbish bins and the best quality flowers.
  • To Mary for the fruit salad.
  • To alll the ladies who slaved making the flowers for decoration.
  • To Jose and Dailen for the signage and advertising.
  • To the Kemp family for a very successful Tombola stall
  • To Carol Hughes for donating hand made items

The auction was a great success, fun had by all. Thank you to all who supported our first Festa at Good Shepherd.
Until we prepare for our next event ...